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    Originally Posted by Ice Car View Post
    It looks like it's been stretched/enlarged so it isn't nearly as sharp as the original GIF. If you know what I mean. By the way, I posted because I wanted people to rate it, but I also wanted to make it kinda clear that I don't really have a theme, but just to rate it on how well the two look together. I had someone give me a 1/10 because I had no theme.
    Well, well, seems that you got it ALL figured out, huh? :p

    I gotta say: You got me; guilty as charged. The original size was JUST too small, ya know. I wanted it to fit as an siggy...and most small gifs in siggy doesn't look...good. Well...unless they're sprites, I guess. As for the sharpness...I dunno kinda looks da same.

    And I would never rate dat low...that's just mean. I think; and forgive meh if I'm wrong, the lowest I evar went was a 5 or sumfin. Pffft.

    Oh, speaking of ratin's, yours is still 7/10, so this won't seem like a conversation; even tho we totally both know it was.
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