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I can assume that a lot of us know how to use technology. And there are people that just cannot. What kind of stories do you have about people, technology, and the stupidest moments they had? Here's my little collection:

Hopefully if I get a job at a computer store, I'll have more stories like these to one day tell.

I just remembered another though. When I was in Grade 4, our school had the awesome Apple computers with the colored tops. Like these:

Anyways, at this point in time, I wasn't really computer-literate, but I knew that if it did weird things I normally wouldn't see from the other students using the computer, I knew something was wrong. And one day, we all came into the lab and sat at our stations. This one girl turned on her computer, and it made the most twisted sound I've ever heard a computer make in my entire life. It sounded like fingers on a chalkboard, but MUCH worse. Only after the teacher hears that does she tell her NOT to sit there because the computer crashed.

And 2 years later, all the schools in the district were switching over to Windows XP computers. At this point in time, I was really good with Windows and knew the ins and outs of it rather well. We were having a small discussion on the computers and to not go overboard because they were still being set up. She then went on to mention that we'd have to go through some kind of "training" on how to use these computers. Thank god we didn't. But she said, that she'd have to teach us some keyboard shortcuts. "All of the Windows shortcuts are similar to those of Apple computers.", she said, "And I'm pretty sure that Ctrl+S is for saving, and Ctrl+Q is for quitting." I then raised my hand and said "Uh, quitting is Alt+F4 on a Windows computer." She looked at me and said "I'm pretty sure it's Ctrl+Q." I said to her, "No, it's Alt+F4. I own a Windows computer and I know how to use one." She still denied it.

And another 2 years later, in Jr High at a different school, we still had the crap of Windows XP computers. The network they were on was simply awful. Some days, it'd take about 2 minutes to log you in, but on a bad day, it could take 15 or 20 minutes. Just awful. But anyways, one day, a student was having fun playing around with his friend's account on one of the many computers in the school. What he did, was set the background as a tiling image of a woman with the worst shirt on, and she had rather large cleavage. Like, reeeeeeeeealy large. As he was logging off, a teacher was walking by, so he yanked the plugin from the wall. Which was a really bad idea. He got in crap for undoing the computer, but the teacher also wanted to know what he was doing that required that act of desperation. So he had to log back in. And show them the background. And the fact that he damaged the fragile connection the computer had to the server. It took 15 minutes of logging in, 15 minutes of that background, 15 minutes of having a teacher watch him as he fixed the persons account, and after that, he lost computer privileges for the rest of the year.

Here's a fun page for your pleasure too:

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