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Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Manga 514
Well, it was all but literally been said that Ichigo's mom was a Quincy....
I just don't like how there was almost no foreshadowing of Misaki being a Quincy for most of the series.
But I guess that's how Kubo rolls, so I'm just gonna go with it. :/
I just hope she wasn't a Quinzi, but that very last panel...

I can't wait for a powered up Uryu to appear, with all or some of the newly revealed Quincy abilities. 8D

In other news, here's a sketch I commissioned of my character, using his shikai.

Oh geez, the crack pairings for this arc are starting already...
514 related:
This chapter literally had all my what.

Though now we have to wait another long week to find out more about Ichigo's mum(though obviously that won't happen until the chapter after next weeks) :(

The gelbooru link 403's.