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    Originally Posted by Circaoffire View Post
    Hey DRG, so far I am loving the hack! There are a few mapping errors/mismatches that I am sure you are aware. I don't have any worries about those since I see that everything is being redone for the next beta. :D I love the storyline so far and the leveling is really smooth while still being difficult However, one small thing that made me sad (cause I got so excited) is that my larvesta can't learn overheat(?). I looked it up, and it should be able to, but the game says my "Larvae" is not compatible with Overheat. Just a heads up in case it's a bug. Thanks to everyone for all the time you guys and gals have put into Dark Rising!! It really shows :D

    Wow, sorry about that. I'll make sure it can learn Overheat as soon as I get the main rom back tommorrow.

    Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
    Another thing, this may be random but do u plan on putting Team Rocket's Jessie James and Meowth as well as Giovanni into the game cus if u follow the anime u will see that Team Rocket has finally stepped up their game and r now probably the most awesome characters in the series any intentions of doing so?

    I thought about it, but no. They'll be mentioned though. And if I do add them somewhere, it'll be a surprise and they'll most likely be good guys as this hack is After the Series is over. I'm assuming Team Rocket won't be working for Giovanni at the end of the series and turn to the complete good side or something.