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Originally Posted by AfewQuestions View Post
Thanks a lot.

Could it be that there are no water stones in johto? I googled and it seems I have to buy them in Kanto.
Once again i am forced to say that this game is a hack not an original one so please don't say off topic. Water Stone can be bought by one of special NPCs across Johto. I can tell you there locations.
One is inside the surf area in Voilet city. Another one is inside Olivine's lighthouse and there is another one but I seem not to remember his location

Originally Posted by MerchantGhost View Post
Oh my goodness. This is undoubtedly the very best Pokemon hack in existence. Everything about it is gorgeous! :3
I have just one question:
I have been playing Liquid Crystal with the supplied emulator on my computer, but I usually would play a game like this on my PSP, because it is always easier. The first post says that the day/night feature (which is a pretty important feature) only works on a specific emulator. I use UnOfficial gpSP-Kai on my PSP, and I was wondering if this, or any other emulator would work to get Liquid Crystal running properly on my PSP.
Use VBA or VBA-M . The emulator is guaranteed as the best to play GBA ROMs
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