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    Fire -
    The two are my all time #1 favorites(yeah, they're both number one).
    If I was a Pokemon trainer, there would definitely be a Houndour/Houndoom in my team.

    Water -
    I just love this big fella. I think he'd make a great buddy and a team member.
    I could definitely use a pat on the shoulder from this one when i'm down xD

    Grass -
    Loved it since I watched the episode in which Ash caught his when I was a child.
    It's both loveable and tough at the same time, and that's always a winning combination.

    Electric -
    This type is probably one of my least favorite to date. Not many Pokemon I can really relate to in it.
    My other choice would be Ampharos, but I realised that I only liked it as a team member in Pokemon Crystal(traded with a friend as a child), but never actually liked its concept or artwork.
    Joltik, on the other hand, I really like. It's adoreable and I think the bug/electric combo is awesome.

    Psychic -
    I am a very emotional person, and I also suffer from depression and various anxieties.
    I think having one of Ralts' evolution forms with me in my Poke-life would be very helpful, since they can sense human emotion, and can communicate with their trainers in a very special way that I find would be very helpful to my situation in that world.

    Ice -
    My list of favorite Pokemon just wouldn't be complete without an Eeveelution.
    I find Glaceon's appearance to be very beautiful and gentle. I find all the eeveelutions to be very loveable, and believe any of them could be a great Poke-pal in the Poke-world.

    Dragon -
    I think Bagon's will to be able to fly is very touching and poetic. The fact that it eventually succeeds and becomes a Salamance is very inspiring and uplifting.

    Dark -
    I think I am more interested and intrigued by Murkrow than I am loving it.
    On the one hand it's a mischievous, not very likeable Dark-Flying bird Pokemon. But on the other hand it's not evil, and kinda looks constantly happy and content. I think having a good natured Murkrow as a team member in the Poke-world would be really fun.

    Normal -
    I really love dogs and canines in general.
    I find Lillipup adorable, Herdier determined and Stoutland very honorable. This evolution cycle is kind of reminiscent of some actual dog breeds' growing phases.

    Fighting -
    I loved those two ever since I watched the anime as a kid. I used to watch the episode in which ash catches Mankey numerous times.

    Flying -
    Idk, I just love it. It's intimidating and strong, and I personally find it sort of majestic looking.
    I think being able to befriend one in the hypothetical Poke-world would be so rewarding.

    Poison -
    Just like Fearow, I am very attracted to its fearsome appearance and strong nature. I also find it to be just as Majestic. I love all of the other Nidoran(Male) evolution forms as well.

    Ground -
    Seriously guys, how many Pokemon have a better back-story than this little guy? I'd say NONE.
    So sad, poetic and cute, yet strong and inspiring at the same time. I love it, and I want to give it a big hug.

    Rock -
    I don't really like rock types that much, but I find Rhyhorn's concept to be very nice looking, and I think that all of his evolution forms are pretty damn badass.

    Bug -
    Gah, I don't even know where to begin. This Pokemon is so beautiful and majestic and strong and fearsome and fuzzy and I just love it. I find it to be the best bug Pokemon to date.

    Ghost -
    Another one of my least favorite types. My preferred ghost type used to be Gengar, but idk, I just don't really like it I guess.
    I find drifloon to be adorable and that's pretty much it. I like it even though its back-story is freaking terrifying o-o...

    Steel -
    It's badass. Nothing more to it. I love its appearance and the fact that it's gray, huge and has 'steel' in it's name.