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Originally Posted by 11wildy View Post
Uuuh, I hope not, since I think I'm a boy still.. O_O

And I do like Scramble challenges once in a while though, since it kind of makes good Pokemon difficult to use as well ;D. And I love difficult challenges. Although a monowater nuzlocke on black 2 is way more difficult than expected. I got only my Samurott alive, along with a freshly caught level 30 alomomola. Just after the eight gym O_O. Dead count: 12
Uhhh Nurse Roy?

And my biggest problem is that I like getting a challenge, and then maybe taking a little break, and then saying "okay, time to do that challenge" and doing it in one fell swoop without having to look back and see what the rules are. Some challenges just have too many rules (or like the scramble, where I have to remember specific movesets that I wouldn't normally have? Forget it!)
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