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With all of that in mind, how would you define love? (this is quite broad, but it's a good way to get the mental struggle started!)

IMO love is something meant to be for one person in your life only once....people say you can love once and again and again and again... but i think you can only love once other than that it might be called "used to that person"..and yeah there i a difference..
when you love someone you find it hard if not impossible to move on them you find yourself thinking about them all the time what they used to do what they used to love how they used to notice the very small details about smile without a reason when you think about them...other than that when you move on a person you thought you loved i think you didn't really loved that just "thought" you's not just caring for the person it's bigger than that it's CRAZZZYYY >.< lol

Love is something brings two people meant to be together no matter what it takes..time,place people they meet and leave as long as they meant to be togeter they will..that's why don't ever feel weird if you see two old people in love and together ^^

okay enough emotions there :P lol

Can anyone define love any way they would like to ?

yeah it's different from a person to another depends on how they see it and how they want it :)

Can anyone define love incorrectly? (i.e. pedophilia)

yeah sadly there are people do but we can't call it love in that case ..pedophilia is that case when a person doesn't find love in his\her live so he\she tries to convience themselves they did or it's a worst case of don't know either to feel sad for those people or pathetic or angry! but of course no excuse to that.

Why are some people wrong?

maybe because they still didn't experiance real love..or maybe they did but they loved the wrong peron...i don't know but while we think we're right we still can be wrong!

Does love involve two people?

Love isn't just a romantic feeling it's a big word includes lots of people (family,friends normal people you don't know which is weird lol,things and lots others
but romantically yeah it's only two people....we don't want threesome and triangle of love for god sake lol

Why do we seek love?

because we need it,it gives a meaning to our also makes us a better people than who we are!'s great i hope everybody tries it ;)

the world need love but no not saying i'll be a person with a big heart and love everybody (every woman to be exact..boys huh) BEHAVE YA HEAR!!! :P lol
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