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Jet was still some distance behind the martial artist - he had no better term to call him - when the other player was approached, rather loudly, by another player. Jet stopped in his tracks, fingers tapping as he took in the details. A swordsman, judging by the katana, about the same height as the martial artist, wearing mixed armor. With him was a girl, possibly the same age as the swordsman, who was silent. Jet crept a few steps closer, enough to catch the end of the martial artist's words: "--only worsening my mood and I would be grateful if you wouldn't do it again." Then he moved on again.

Ouch. As Jet watched the swordsman's reaction, he noticed Daniel catching up. "You're coming, then?" Jet asked Daniel, fingers still tapping. Watching the swordsman with the katana, he cocked his head. "I feel like I heard somethin' about a particular lunatic player," Jet commented to Daniel, "if I remember right. You heard anything like that?"

Of course, there were players who didn't watch and listen to the same extent as Jet. He'd spent some of his time off of exploring listening to other players, gossip, general notices; Jet learned some things through listening that exploring wouldn't reveal. Either way, he was pretty sure he didn't want to spend too long with this particular player. Whoever he was. "Anyways, back to looking for that room," Jet said, looking up at the surrounding area. He noted that the girl had left, but that didn't bear the same priority as his current search.

Jet could see the sides of the relatively small cavern, which had only a few tunnels running through it. There wasn't much to suggest that monsters spawned here. Jet walked around the cavern's perimeter, confirming that each tunnel continued beyond his line of sight, though any of them might be dead ends. The one tunnel that the martial artist had disappeared into was a little larger, as was the tunnel Jet, Daniel, and the martial artist came from. His perimeter walk also showed nothing that really stood out, other than the katana-man. We'll start with that tunnel, Jet thought, beginning to walk for the tunnel the martial artist had gone into. I need something shorter to call that guy.
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