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Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
I didn't like Cheren as a Gym Leader.
I thought he would at least be the 8th Gym Leader.
In BW 1 he was soooo close to being champion.
And now, he's got level ten pokémon and teaches. ._.
What the heck, Cheren? What? The? HEEECK?
He mentions at some point in the game about battling with his 'real' team, I don't think it was worded like that but it was implied he still had his original team from Black and White. Given that he's a new leader, it makes sense that he'd start off as the first gym. And frankly I found him difficult. His freaking Lillipup u_u

I really liked the leaders, though. Roxie had a really cool personality, she was very level-headed. And Marlon's just... Marlon, lol.

I loved the gym redesigns too. Detested Clay's, that was so annoying, but gyms that stick out that I particularly enjoyed were Roxie's, Burgh's, Elesa's, Drayden's, and Marlon's.