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Originally Posted by or19937 View Post
You know you can just post a form and update it, right?
What I do is what most people do. I think everyone is supposed to make a new post when they update if they're not the last poster. If you keep just updating your original post, nobody will see your progress. That's the point of these challenge threads(I think), is for people to do challenges and post their progress so everyone can see.

I started Platinum, I started with Turtwig, I solo'd with Turtwig until I got some Honey in Floaroma Meadow before the fight with Mars, and caught my four first members, Combee(female), and three Burmys(all female).
I evolved the three Burmys to where they evolve into the different forms, and evolved Combee too. I beat Mars and trained while on my way to Eterna City, I beat Gardenia, then saved after healing.

Wormadam(Plant) Lv.25
Wormadam(Sand) Lv.24
Wormadam(Trash) Lv.25
Vespiquen Lv.25