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    Capri gazed into the fire as many thoughts began to fill her head. What made her accept the invitation to this tournament? She knew her father would be furious when he realizes that she had left the ranch to go compete in an useless competition. She shuddered just thinking about. She was almost more scared about what will happen when the tournament is over then the tournament itself.

    Capri plucked one of the mini-pokeballs off of her charm bracelet. She then pressed the middle button, which enlarged it, and released a goofy looking, yellow lizard with a large head. He had a tight grip onto what looked liked pants, but was really his molted skin.

    "Scrag." It huffed.

    Capri chuckled at the Scraggy's grumpiness. "Oh come on Malcolm, I just wanted someone to hang out with."

    Malcolm was Capri's latest capture and the most stubborn Pokemon she has ever tried to train.

    Malcolm rolled his eyes and stepped closer to the fire, warming himself.

    "Now listen, we are in a very important tournament. I know you do not like battling. But you gonna have to man up and actually battle."

    Malcolm paid no attention to her.

    "If you lose. You go away."

    Malcolm eyes widened. "Scrag?"

    A gleam of hope brushed over Capri. "I may never see you again."

    Malcolm shrugged.

    "I give up."

    Capri grabbed the Pokeball and a red light absorbed the Scraggy, sending him back into the ball.

    "Stupid, stubborn Pokemon." She frowned as she clipped the ball back onto her bracelet.
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