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    Genevieve L’esprit
    Genevieve breathed a sigh of relief at their dismissal. New orders in hand and a trip to the infirmary were on her immediate to-do list. She stifled her secret displeasure at yet another assault. The battle and body count was really skyrocketing as of late. Then again, the thieves did have it coming, hopefully things would go smoothly. She would just have to ensure that they did.

    “We shall rendezvous later,” Genevieve spoke to the other Sentinels, as she followed the path to the infirmary and left the others behind. Genevieve stumbled less than gracefully into the infirmary, her side seemingly on fire and painful to the touch. The staff looked at her with inquisitive and perplexed gazes. She made her way to a private room, her psychic power pulling a hapless member of the medical staff behind her against his will.

    The room wasn’t much to look at, a crude table for her to lay out on and a window on the far wall that was opened to the outside world. Genevieve sat herself down with a wince and slammed the door with her mind once she had dragged in the Audino completely. She couldn’t dare let the other Sentinels see her in such pain. It didn’t matter if they had a suspicion, but they could not see her so exposed.

    “Fix me, now!” Her voice rang out sternly to the Audino. The creature only nodded its head in terror as he approached and placed a hand appraisingly on her body. He quickly ran it up and down, probing for causes of pain and glancing at her to confirm. His hand touched her inflamed side and a shock of pain went writhing through her body. Reflexes kicked in automatically, her hand swinging in a gesture and with a wave of energy, he went flying against the wall with an audible thump. Small clouds of debris and dust fell from the ceiling upon impact. The Audino regained his composure, quickly scrambling to his feet and making his way back to her bedside.

    He had fear in his eyes, as any of the healers would when working on a Sentinel. Genevieve had no desire to hurt him, it made no sense to do so when he served a purpose at this moment. His hands went quickly back to work, and ushering her into a reclined position. A strange glow surrounded him and waves rippled forth from his body; Genevieve recognized it as a heal pulse. A psychic move to heal comrades and mend wounds ranging from minor to major.

    Genevieve felt much better as he continued. Strain formed on his face as he kept up the move, and pain continued to ease its way out of Genevieve’s body. Eventually the move stopped, his face taking on a look of consternation. Genevieve left him to his work as he disappeared and quickly resurfaced with a thick woven bandage.

    “That should take care of most of the pain,” he spoke his first words since her dragging him in. His voice was much deeper than she had anticipated, almost raspy. “Just as a precaution, I want to wrap this bandage around you.”

    Genevieve understood and simply nodded in acknowledgment as she raised herself back into a seated position. The bandage ended up being wrapped around her midsection several times before he was done. It proved to be tight, not enough to cause further pain, but maybe enough to inhibit her breathing. The Audino stood back with a pleased look on his face, his tending to the Sentinel hadn’t resulted in his death. He was most assuredly relieved by that fact, especially considering the persnickety reputation of Genevieve.

    “Thank you,” Genevieve nodded. “Now, wait. Before you go,” an idea crossed her mind at that second. “Inform the others not to wait for me, I will meet them at the thieves’ forest. I will be traveling alone for right now. They don’t need to know why.” The Audino bowed and left the room, no doubt to carry out her instructions to the letter.

    Genevieve crossed her legs beneath her, her body situated firmly on the examination table. Her eyes ran over the view outside the window, her mind deep in thought.