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    hm woobat. Zubat at least is cool and evolves to crobat but woobat is really stupid.

    okay for every type:

    Normal:Ambipom and minccino. Ambipom=wirst evo ever Minccino- private reason-I once did one juust for the sake of it on dev art and some one was pestering me about it.
    Fire: Chimchar and pansear , chimchar looks like it has crap on top of its head, and I don#t like the whole evo line. and pansear is weak and looks stupid too.
    Fighting: Thro and sawk, They just odn't make sense to me, just too generic and ugly too.
    Water: I love water in General but I still have a least fav which is Goldeen. Used to bug the hell out of me in G/S.
    Flying:Pidove evos. It is my least fav of all bird 'starters'
    Grass: tangrowth. but in any case I am quite impartial for Plant pokes so there is no strong feeling behind that decision.
    Poison: Trubbish and evo. but only because the German name is so insanely stupid (and long) (it is unratütox, try saying that ten times in a row, literally refusebatox) trubbish slips of the tongue so much easier.
    Electro oh... tynamo, I actually liked it in the English version but it shares the fate with trubbish in having a stupid German name(actually all new electros have a stupid german name ...) it is... Zapplardine.
    Ground: Georok. It exploded on me too often ....
    Psychic: Musharna. Must be Biancas musharna that annoyed me too often... and stupid colour and design as well.
    Rock:roggenrola and evo. I hate its ability , and that it isnt a double typed with ground so that it hasnt got resistance against electro...
    Ice Beartic, too slow for its own sake but it was the only one I could get in BW
    Bug: Crustle , I never quite know what to defeat thosw ith, hmph.
    Dragon:Drudggidon, It looks like some cheap plastic bandai toy action figure....
    Ghost: Cohagrius, plain annoying when you are in the ruins.
    Dark: Liepard. I am not into cat pokémon and this one is ugly , stupid and unneccessary.
    Steel :Pawniard I don't like him , he is stupid.