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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
Also, Happy Halloween, guys! A fun halloween topic to start off the day: What halloween costume would look good on your Partner Pokemon? (both of them!) Be creative :D
Ooh... this sounds pretty fun! Uh, could definitely be a teenage mutant ninja turtle, but if those all sell out, he'll be a pirate. And if THOSE sell out, he'll be a toothbrush. You know, to remind all dem kids to brush their teeth after gorging on candy. It's ironic because he'll be handing out energy drinks that have lemon juice added to them. Did I mention he's an dentist?

As for parasect, she won't be going trick or treating. She's going to a halloween party, and she'll be going as a zombie. Get it? ;) A SEXY zombie, of course, to get all the Kinglers. Or a sexy nurse. She may just go as a sexy blind woman, since she only needs to buy a cane to pull off that costume...since she's already blind.