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Hey, it's my first update! I managed to get to the 3rd gymleader without dying! The log I wrote down might not be exact, but it's close enough!

-Created a male character named Nerve(Obvious refrence)
-Picked a relaxed Smoochum for a starter.
- Named Smoochum: Carly
-Beat rival
-Got Oak's parcel and Pokedex.
-Received a Female, jolly, Treeko on route 2
-Named it Magi
-caught a brave, female, ponyta on route 1
-named her Mlp
-grinded Carly to level 9 and learned Powder Snow
-grinded Mlp to level 8
-Entered Viridian Forest
-Caught a male, brave, Pikachu
-Named it Chris
-Grinded Carly to level 13 and learned confusion
-grinded Mlp to level 11
-grinded Magi to level 12
-grinded Chris to level 9
-Battled rival and won with flying colors!
-Went back to the forest.
-Grinded Carly to level 14
-grinded Mlp to level 13
-grinded Chris to level 11
-entered Pewter city
-Revieved a male, Niave, Mudkip in pokecenter(I think)
-named it Kipper
-grinded Kipper to level 12

That's it for now! More later!
Poke team

Carly, the relaxed, female, Smoochum
Level 14
-Powder Snow

Magi, the jolly, female, Treeko
Level 12
-Tail whip

Mlp, the brave, female, Ponyta
level 13
-Tail Whip
-quick attack

-Chris, the male, brave, Pikachu
level 11
-Tail Whip
-Quick attack

Kipper, the male, Naive, Mudkip
level 12
-Tail Whip
-Water Gun
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