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Originally Posted by arbok View Post
Alright then let's see what we've got.
Hi to everyone who joined while I was away and on with the topic.
Elite 4 team for poison would be.

Out first and with such high speed it inflict early damage, immune to ground attacks
Dark typing to deal with those pesky psychic types, personal preference over Drapion.
Bulky water type for increased coverage.
Hits hard with leaf blade and leaf storm.
Levitating Pokemon with the ability to wreck foes with shadow ball.
To clean out any dark types. Good physical attacker.

Others considered were Arbok, Weezing, Muk, Rosearade, Nidoking/queen, Venusaur, Venomoth and Scolipede
Nice team! Ya know if it wernt for your conflicting pokes your team could also run weather

Sunny Day:
-Victreebell gets a supperpowered growth and chlorophyl boost
-Crobat, Gengar, and skunktank could make use of Heatwave, Hidden Power Fire, and FireBlast respectively; dispatching steel types.

-Toxicroak is hurt evry turn from dry skin
-Tentecruel's water moves are neutered

-Toxicroak Benifits from its dry skin
-Boosts tentacruel's water moves
-Removes a weakness for victreebel

-nueters the possibility of using fire moves on steel types, although it really isnt that big of a deal since you have Toxicroak and Gengar