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    so right now what really annoys me is that almost everyone on wifi has a gliscor with the ability poison heal, protect, substitute, earthquake, and an hp recovery move. then theres the people that just use a bunch of legendaries. i can't seem to find a pokemon that can beat it. right now my team is lucario with dragon pulse, psychic, earthquake, and aura sphere, his hold item is usually leftovers since he has the widest move set and highest special attack. a dragonite with hurricane, thunderbolt, outrage, and surf. his hold item is the berry that snaps it out of confusion. a raichu with thunderbolt, thunder, thunder wave, and sweet kiss.its hold item is a wide lens. is there anything i should change? oh and my main problem with my team is earthquake on my lucario and raichu and ice beam with my dragonite since they're such popular moves

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