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    With living in West Chicago no one down here really gives a ****. Not once have I had a problem with anyone knowin I play Pokemon. The employees at GameStop even know I play Pokemon and they don't care. It could also be my age group as well. At about the age 19 or 20 hell even 18 after you graduate nothing ever an issue. It's childish to make fun of someone for playing Pokemon whether they be 12 or 24. My age group; people don't judge cos lots of them actually play it. When I was in High School I got teased alot and bullied for it. They made the wrong decision ****in with me in High School and he got laid out. Ever since then which was my Sophmore year, no one said a word about it. But it's usually high schoolers cos they wanna get attention. Honestly idk what it is in high school cos you don't see this stuff in college.
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