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Golden Catacombs

As the Swift sped quickly inside, Zane's first reaction was to stop him from going in so fast. The entire scene in front of him looked like it was a place not often disturbed, and every step they made meant something significant. He felt they had to go in carefully. But he realized they had to go inside. As the Swift gave the all clear, the others started proceeding inside with him. Defender spoke to the first time in what seemed like a long while to the rest of them.

"Everyone, keep your eyes sharp. Look out for traps, wires on the ground, holes in the wall, slabs sticking up from the ground, doors that once opened could alert a foe to our presence. Just because we don't see anyone now doesn't mean that our enemies haven't already infiltrated the area."

Zane nodded and followed in after them. Everyone began proceeding into the catacombs. The Prince of Light also decided to help out, provided an increase to their senses in the darkness.

The Gold Tribe walked deeper in the catacombs. The first area inside, even in the dark Zane could make out the statues of Pokemon. They all wore some Gold Tribe insignia upon their bodies. The specific way and area where they were held often revealed who they were. In fact, most of these statues would have been known to most of them, many of them being famous Gold Tribe members from long back written in their history books. Some were heroes. Some were legends. Others were myths, with history not knowing for certain if they or their tales even existed. Zane passed by the statue of a Groudon, one of the first Gold Tribe members thousands of years ago, who was said to have caused the creation of the Korhal Mountains when his Earthquake attack collided with an equally monstrous attack of his enemy. He then saw the statue of an Entei, who Zane recognized as "Firestorm", who was said to have ended an entire battle with a single breath of his flames. There was also "Hydra", the Blastoise warrior who was responsible for countless heroics in her time. Many other statues were present here, making the catacombs their home. In fact, it is said that some of the remains of the ancient Gold Tribe members were still buried deep in the catacombs, before the Golden Cemetery in Gold City was created.

The Gold Tribe passed through this room before they approached a narrow corridor which led to a larger room. At first, it was too dark to see anything, only that the room was large, simply by the shadows of what could be seen. Zane remembered what Defender said before about the trap. He kept his guard up, just in case enemies could be lurking in the dark. But for now, none came. Instead, Zane's eyes began adjusting to the dark, and he noticed for the first time what was inside.

"Woah..." Guardia said in a low voice out loud, the echo of the room carrying her voice a bit.

It appeared to be a giant library, books and scrolls and all other manner of records. They must have been in the grand library of the Gold Tribe, where the history and text of their tribe was written. It was said that the leader of the Gold Tribe would every few years pay a visit here to add in more details about the Gold Tribe to the archives. But Zane never actually believed that this was done. He assumed it was something reserved for the history books. He wondered if anything recently was put in...

Zane suddenly stopped dead in his tracks at the sound of some rustling behind him. He turned quickly, to see a figure in the shadows. Zane went on his highest guard again instantly and faced the figure, as did the others.

Zane couldn't make out who it was at the moment, but he did notice something on him. He wore around his neck a sort of medallion. The thing was, it looked awfully familiar to Zane, as if he had seen it somewhere before. He recalled a similar medallion worn by Kivir, who he remember got it from his master, who was a Gold Tribe member from a while ago. This looked like a similar ancient Gold Tribe medallion.

"Welcome." He said softly to them, greeting them with what Zane believed to be a short bow. "I've been expecting you."


Silver City

Scar was alone next to the city gates, observing the lines of Ancient soldiers lined up in perfect symmetry. They were perfect soldiers, strong individual, and as a collective not ever questioning the authority of their superiors. Although, Scar doubted that these beings had the capability of doing so anyways. Nevertheless, as he awaited the arrival of the other Sentinels, it gave him something to do.

From a distance, Scar could already see Sentry traveling alone to the west. Auron typically gave Sentinels assignments to do by pairs or maybe as a group, but Sentry was always an exception. He wondered where he was always going in the first place...

"Where are the others?" A demanding voice asked Scar from behind him. It was the Inferno, the same look of jaded contempt on his face, as if nothing would ever please him. Scar had only a few times seen him lose this countenance, and be replaced with one of malevolent vice. It seemed the Typhlosion lived only for the destruction of others. It was a somewhat narrow-minded view in Scar's opinion, as so much more could be enjoyed from life besides this, but it was one Scar was willing to accepted. He had his own higher ambitions, though.

"They will be along. I understand Genevieve is to travel alone for now, and we are to depart without her. Not quite sure why."

"It doesn't matter." The Inferno replied quickly. "We will depart in five minutes. Sovereign and his lackey can catch up with us later if he isn't here by then."

"...Why the rush?" Scar asked the fellow Sentinel. "We've got plenty of time. The thieves aren't going anywhere."

"They aren't, but the Gold Tribe is. Just how long do you think before they decide to attack another major city? I don't know about you, but I'm not intent on letting those rabble grab another one of our strongholds. If I were Auron, I would go on the attack. And yet he simply waits, and allows them to strike at his cities instead...." The Inferno trailed off, his eyes now scouring the Ancients behind Scar. He then left. "Five minutes." He said again as he walked away.

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