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    Originally Posted by Drayano View Post
    Aura Guardian Zach - I'm not sure how N's Pokémon are stored so I probably won't be doing that anytime soon, really. Oh, and thanks for the Harlequin report.

    PokemonGiratinaX - Should say in the docs, but your first chance to get a Covenant Ore is the Togepi trade on Route 4.

    G_Sylar - Thank you for commenting on the presentation! Barely anyone does that, despite how much effort I feel I put into it. Much appreciated!

    PokémonShinySilver - I haven't even used NPRE. o.o There's support for Gen 5 map editing? I know Gen 4 has some stuff now, but I hadn't heard anything about Gen 5.

    Gold011 - I started working on it in like... July, so the fast release in American terms isn't that surprising really. Hilbert and Hilda are currently in both versions, but they're rematchable, yeah. The Shiny Charm lowers the shiny chance to like.... somewhere in the 2000s range, I forgot the exact number.

    Catastrophe_2 - Yeah, the rematching is intentional (for now). And yup, the legends are weird. There's some weird issues with the flags...

    Seraphimon-sama - The Lv. 105 isn't a bug so much as an unintended consequence, since it appears Challenge Mode ignores the level barrier. But I wanted that Zekrom to have Bolt Strike, so it's 100 in Normal Mode or bust! The trainer rosters doc has Normal Mode levels unless otherwise stated.

    Zekuromu - I didn't bother with making the Reveal Glass or Gracidea obtainable simply beause neither will work. Shaymin has to be a fateful encounter and the Reveal Glass fails without the Dream Radar Landorus activating the event properly.

    Pokemon Trainer Kevin - Well, gbatemp is back now anyway, but yeah, I never did bring SG/SS over here. Probably should wait until it's a bit less buggy...

    Linkdude231 - Better than BB/VW? Good to hear!

    TrollShammy80 - There's no chance of a gen 2 hack, but Platinum's not totally impossible, I guess.

    MasterLucario13 - I actually have half a mind to make Roxie tougher, funnily enough...

    churchey - The keys issue is known now. Seems a save file is needed beforehand.
    Hmm, the Sigilyph probably isn't really a glitch, but I might look into it.
    Victini's probably a result of the legendaries screwing up big time as usual.
    If you've got any wild examples that aren't Tyrogue, please let me know!
    Yeah, the rechallenge thing is intentional. For now, anyway.

    Yeah, admittedly the Electirizer and Magmarizer are a bit on the late side...
    Gible missing was a slip-up on my part. It'll be somewhere next time.

    JustRed - Yeah, DMCA complaint. :/ I'll reupload when I get bugs fixed.
    Thanks for the reply, Drayano.
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