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Originally Posted by DeLaMuerte View Post
To quote a recently sent e-mail:
BTW, this guy is NOT on PokeCommunity as of yet. (I think)
Originally Posted by Number Infinity View Post
You Know Pokemon is trolling you when you have six Pokemon at full HP and the person your battling has one Pokemon left, that Pokemon is a (presumably) well EV trained Hydreigon that manages to use Outrage for three turns gets confused and then get to use it for two more turns despite being confused! Lucky for me I had my awesome Kyrem (forgot how to spell it) that KOed him with a single ice move (can't remember which one).

Who was Pokemon trolling that day?
Gotta agree with this... confused Outrage is the most trolling thing ever =D

By the way, who in the world uses Hydreigon as physical sweeper? o.O
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