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I'm really bad at picking less favorite in anything so this post was given a lot of thought. Buuut eventually I figured it out! ... I think.

Bug: Wormadam. Its design is strange and it's just never piqued my interest. Also I'm pretty sure I've forgotten that it (and Mothim) have existed several times.
Dark: Sableye. It's just so creepy and I can never get over where some of its gems are placed ... and it's creepy. It's movements in Colosseum/XD and such do not help its case.
Dragon: Druddigon. It used to be Salamence but I eventually grew on it. But I have get to grow on this Dragon. Only one I haven't grown on really.
Electric: Uh ... Guess Pachirisu. I thought it was cute but Emolga beats it by a lot. Nuff said?
Fighting: Toxicroak. Politoed is a much better toad thank you very much. And I don't remember like this guy's cry.
Fire: Either Magcargo or Torkoal. Magcargo is only good for being able to hatch eggs quicker and to me Torkoal is kind of that Pokemon that pops up occasionally to remind that it exists.
Flying: Swoobat. Design is meh and I despise going against them in-game.
Ghost: ......... Sableye. Can't really think of an alternative. If I half so I guess Spiritomb because... It just is? I'm not sure as nothing is worse than Sableye okay.
Grass: Tangrowth. Just really strange and did Tangela really need an evolution?
Ground: Seismitoad. See reason for Toxicroak (Fighting)
Ice: Regice. I don't like any of the Regis I think they're dumb.
Normal: Purugly. Just ... the poor thing.
Poison: .... Can I say Croagunk since I've already said Toxicroak? Idk I just don't like either of these two.
Psychic: Drowzee. Hypno is alright but I still can't get over how strange and creep Drowzee is I guess??
Rock: Regirock. See Regice.
Steel: Klang, I guess. Or Registeel though I do like it more than the other two Regis I guess.
Water: Seismitoad Uh ... Simipour I guess. Unless it's a female Simipour than that's all right.
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