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Originally Posted by PhoenixWright77 View Post
I have been debating on which one I'm going to use...But I decided that I am going to be Giovanni!
Also, i'm going to be using Pokemon leafgreen!
Updates soon!
You know what? Now that you've mentioned it, I think i'm gonna go with Fire Red. It'll be more of a challenge.
Well, off to start over again ^^'

*Will edit this post with the first update/s.

Update #1 - The Start

Beat Brock, sadly had to use my Starter since none of Giovanni's Pokemon's prevolutions were available at that point.
Dodged as much trainers as possible on Route 3 to get my first team member, a Nidoran♂ called King.
Then I dodged all those damn trainers again to get to the best training spot for the then lvl 6 King - Viridian Forest.
THEN I battled all the trainers in Route 3 and voila, King evolved.


King, lvl 16

Update #2 - Second badge and arrival at Vermilion City

After several tries I managed to beat Misty with an upgraded team.
I caught a Geodude in the cave that leads to Cerulean city. By the time I challenged Misty for the first time
he already evolved.
I also evolved King into his final form when he reached level twenty-two, using the Moon Stone I found in the previously mentioned cave.
I forgot to update after beating Misty, and already got to Vermilion city.
I then caught another team member in route 6.


King, lvl 26
Stoner, lvl 27
Albert, lvl 16