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To Everyone,
If you participated in my Race To The Finish, now would be the time to contest your number of tickets, or even your inclusion on the list. It is quite possible I forgot someone. Just send me a PM telling me the number of tickets you believe you should have, and I'll check the posts and my DS to ensure the number of tickets you should have. Otherwise, I will be holding the raffle on Sunday, so anyone who wants to donate has until Saturday. At this point I mostly need Ditto of various natures, so check the list!
Originally Posted by abarai View Post
Ok i have a seedot, girafarig, glameow, duskull and pineco for you.
Can do the trade tomorrow, just send me a pm.
If you still need gulpin, kecleon and relicanth i can probably get them this weekend.
Sounds good! Thanks to you I'll be able to end this event soon and hold this raffle!
Originally Posted by Creame View Post
I have a breeding request if that's possible, if so I would like to know what you want for it

Pokemon: Gastly
Nickname: /
Gender: Either one
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate (right?)
Egg Moves: none
Best IVs: Special Attack and Speed
EV Training: /

Thanks already!!
~ lots of love
Sure are a lot of people asking for Gastly. Anyway, I added you to the queue.
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