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    My first update! Ok! Let's go.
    I had to beat Brock and do all the other stuff before I got any of Gio's pokemon because you can't get any before route 3. After that I went to the grass in route three and caught a female nidodan(common) and a male nidoran(Uncommon) Then I trained my female nidoran(Named Rammer) Up to level 10 and my Male nidoran(named Daman) up to level 7!


    Rammy, the gentle, female, nidoran
    Level 10
    Tail Whip

    Daman, the Hardy, male, Nidoran
    level 7

    EDIT: Update #2! 2nd and third gyms!

    I grinded Rammy to level 16 and Daman to level 13 and went into mount moon. By the time I exited I had a level 20 female nidorina and Nidorino!(They evolved) And they learned new moves like double kick and poison sting. I soloed my rival with Rammy and it gained a level. It gained another level on the bridge and it learned bite. After that I used a moon stone that I found in the cave and it evolved! Then I trained on all the trainer on the route. When I was done both of my Pokemon were at level 26. I then challenged the gym. Misty was harder then Brock but my Rammy knew Bite and it easily beat her Pokemon. I then trained on the route leading up to Vermelion City. By the time I got there Rammy was level 28 while Damon was level 27. I then went to Diglet cave. I original was going to catch a dugtrio, but I came out with a level 22, Female, diglet which I named Digette. I then went on the S.S. Anne and battled most of the trainers on it.(including my rival) After that was done I taught Digette Cut and my team was this: Level 28 Rammy, level 27 Daman and level 24 Digette. I then battled the gym and won! Digette evolved into a Dugtrio


    Rammy, the female, Careful, Nidoqueen!
    Body Slam
    Double Kick

    Daman, the male, hardy, Nidorino!
    Horn attack
    Double Kick

    Diggette, the female, careful, Dugtrio!
    Fury Swipes
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