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I have a really hard time telling people things that might upset them. I'm moving out of home in about a month and I'm terrified to tell my mother that, let alone tell her that I was dying. I would probably have to suck it up and do it though, since it wouldn't be fair to the people in my life if I were dying and they didn't know about it, but I honestly can't see myself plucking up the courage. Just seeing their reaction would make me want to take a gun and end it all right there instead of having to deal with it all.

As much as I'd love to say "I'll spend the remaining days living life to the fullest!" I doubt that's true. I would just be petrified and live in utter terror, crying and freaking out and trying (unsuccessfully) to get my head around the idea that my life was almost over. I'd waste my final days freaking out about death. Not by choice, just by virtue of that being all I could do.

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