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    All my Pokemon are now fully evolved and I am just outside Victory Road. I wish Route 23 was Victory Road, I dislike caves and Route 23 is so creative, the puzzles may be annoying but Route itself is great.

    The Badge Check gates were impressive, but looking back, the one in Black and White was better because of the environmental changes.

    Defeating Team Plasma was fun, their HQ was less annoying than the usual villain HQs. I still hate portals though.

    I think that's all for me. I've enjoyed this game a lot.

    One more thing, I hate how I misssed the Relic Castle and Passage. Now my Pokemon were overlevelled and didn't gain many Exp. Points. Also, I didn't know that Volcarona will have a lower level too. And I was careful not to miss an area. I think that I also need to return to the Castelia sewers since I have Surf. Urgh I'm so silly haha.

    I also thank GameFreak for the Routes as they've trained my Pokemon to the right levels without needing to grind. I was disappointed with Drayden and Marlon's Pokemon levels but impressed with Team Plasma's, or perhaps Colress. It makes me wonder what level the E4s Pokemon will be seeing as all my Pokemon will probably be at level 60 at the end of Victory Road which was my target but I thought I'd have to grind for it.
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