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    Originally Posted by Creame View Post
    I'd like to know what a female DW Eevee with 31 IVs in Special Attack and Speed would cost me? I might have egg moved males that you need, or I can try to breed to you one with egg moves!
    I'd like to hear from you!
    Hm... Those are actually not that hard for me because when I could RNG with a borrowed DSlite I managed to get a DWf Flawless Eevee and a flawless father as well. But still, the odds of getting a DWf Eevee aren't very high and the steps it takes for the egg to hatch is way too much time/work for me right now. Also, I am not looking for any egg move males in specific at the moment. Sorry, but I have to decline :\

    Originally Posted by Rainy Garden of Fire View Post
    I think you can leave it to me...I can clone using flashcart. Just depends whether my W2 can connect, 'cause my flashcart Black likes to glitch when getting into Wi-Fi...but the Dream World works just fine. For sure, if I would clone it...what do you want for it?
    From your list all I'm really interested in is the level 15 Genesect. Do you want to trade that one for the Joltik?
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