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    A few days after Bob harshly violated, he dashed to school while he hides from bullies and people who made fun of him. He has a terrible headache, as he went to Science class, His science teacher, Mr. Ghramer, is trying to explain this project.

    "Ok class, today, you will pair up with a partner, and you have to take care of a baby animal. Observe what it does and how you treated it. There will be 11 baby animals. Those are:
    Snake(non venomous)
    White Mouse

    You can keep them, plus, next week, you have to show me them at the 2nd of October."

    Bob and Derek chose a snake, a grass Snake. They went home, put it in a water and grass tray, and fed it mice. Meanwhile in Bob's house, they put the snake in his room. When Bob open the cage, he said hi, the troubled snake jumped on his face.


    Derek then pulled it off of his face, leaving it's saliva.

    "Ok, let's observe that this grass snake is coiling itself as it rests". Bob explained.

    "Yeah, and should we feed it a toad? I saw on Youtube that one ate a toad."

    "Hmmmmmm. I should tell my dad if I can fish for toad tadpoles."

    A day later, Bob came back from school, as his jacket is covered with sticky grime-like mud, and he saw that his snake's skin is shaking.


    The snake's skin ripped open, as the enlarged snake came out. But his fangs are too soft, so they have to harden. But it then came out of Bob, choking him by coiling his body. Bob harshly screamed as it then barfed at him, then it came back to his place.

    On Tuesday, as Bob came to school, he was in a mess. Vomit, stomach acid, and a rat's tail. Everyone laughed as Bob walked to class.

    "Wow, nerd attack!"

    "What do know, this nerd got attacked!"

    Derek thinks that the snake thinks that Bob is ANNOYING.

    On Wednesday, the snake went inside Bob's backpack. It then ate his books, vomiting, and left to it's place. As Bob went to class, he saw vomit. He was horrified and vomits into it.

    On Thursday Night, Bob went to his room and saw shed skin, poop, and barf all over his room, then his parents came.

    "BOB! Why did your snake do this!?" his Dad said.

    "I.... I don't know......." he said as he constantly shivers.

    "You are grounded for not taking care of the snake!" the Mom said.

    Bob cries while he sees this.

    On Friday, he saw that the snake shed it's skin 2 times, and it's stronger than when Bob had it. As he took it to school, the snake then choked Bob, then he ripped his skin of his arm and bit him. Then he went back. As Mr. Ghramer saw of how the snake abused Bob, he thinks that Derek should have it then him. Bob then cried, but the snake smacked Bob in the face with it's tail. Bob got a C-, but Derek got a B+.
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