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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia
Floor 3 - Blues Village | Level: 6

Leila [Solo-Player]
Level: 6
Health: 74%

Leila had taken a beating at these monsters, some were duplicates of the sharp-toothed frogs she had encountered first. Some were flying pterodactyl-like eagles whose sharp beak can easily OHKO a player in an instant. Leila’s left hand was badly injured from being bitten by a poison piranha, while fighting it. She had dropped her dagger when she missed a hit. She was willing to leave the floor to return to Starter City to reheal.

“Everything is too easy for me.” Leila spoke to herself as she walked. “I need a better challenge, but…I know the brutality of Floor 4.”

Her right hand, inside her dress’s pocket, had the teleportation crystal. She was more than willing to use it , but she wants to get away to a safe spot in order to teleport safely. She then started to run through the trees, using her vast skill, Speed. With that skill, she is able to sprint through anything and escape danger faster than a player with no speed skill. A roar was heard within the forest, and it seemed like it was a monster Leila hadn’t encountered it yet. She twitched her eyes quick as she heard the noise, her hair blowing at the back. With her health steadily going down due to the poison, she wasn’t ready to face another monster, especially with an injured hand. She then took out her teleportation crystal, and held it towards her chest. She closed her eyes as she continued to run.

“Teleport! Starter City!” She yelled the words, and thus…her body turned glowing white, and zapped out of Blues Village. With the voice of the upcoming unknown monster was getting closer, the shadow flew just right above it. It was a matter of time to leave, and Leila was able to escape just in time. But her stats were still declining…

Leila [Solo-Player]
Level: 6
Health: 52%....49%....47%

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