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I've seen quite a few cases of IT literacy, one of which came from my secondary IT teacher. Basically we were about half way through a module for our coursework, one that would make up a pretty big chunk of our final grade. It was web design so it was pretty complicated, we had to draw up page layouts and site maps and all that jazz before even touching something like dreamweaver. We were coming to the point now where we'd spent about two months on this module and we were finishing our sites and just adding to them to get a higher mark, when one day the teacher tells us that something went wrong and we have to scrap this module and start a new one.
Obviously everyone was pissed since we'd all put a lot of time and effort into this project, and for a change the majority of us were enjoying it too. After a while of us complaining to him we gave in and finished up the lesson by starting another module based around using presentation software.
At the end of the day I get a message saying that the teacher wants me to come to his room after school. Assuming I'd left something in there, which turns out I had, I went along and spoke to him after my last class. He waits until everyone has left the room before opening up dreamweaver and begins to explain why we had to drop this module. Turns out he didn't know how to implement CSS stylesheets into web pages and without that we couldn't get any higher than a grade D. So I spent the next half an hour showing him how to do it and then leaving him to it to play around with the software while I ran off to try and get to a college interview on time.
Needless to say telling that story to the guy who was interviewing me pretty much sealed my place on the course.
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