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    Necrum, in regards to this:
    Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
    I will be holding the raffle on Sunday, so anyone who wants to donate has until Saturday. At this point I mostly need Ditto of various natures, so check the list!
    I can donate the rest of mine which you don't have (Relaxed and others), just to net some extra tickets.

    And for you to breed later plz:
    Pokemon: Horsea
    Nickname: Salo (M) Seanna (F)
    Gender: Male or Female
    Nature: Jolly
    Ability: Swift Swim
    Egg Moves: Outrage
    Best IVs: Atk, Spd
    EV Training: None
    Pokerus: Yes

    I'm available now - PM me
    Black 2 Team:

    The Vault Hunter's Challenge Team:

    Black 2 FC: 1679 1559 4544
    Platinum FC: 1636 2558 4134
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