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The new Mass Giveaway for November is now available! Get your Hallow's Eve Misdreavus now!

Originally Posted by Creame View Post
Great, thanks! What would you like for it though?
Nothing. Breeding requests are free unless they are male with egg moves or famale with a hidden ability.
Originally Posted by someduderic View Post
Pokemon: Kabuto
Nickname: Kelly
Gender: F
Nature: Jolly
Ability:Weak Armor
Egg Move: Rapid Spin
No problem! #4 in the Queue!
Originally Posted by Lunicli View Post
Necrum, in regards to this:

I can donate the rest of mine which you don't have (Relaxed and others), just to net some extra tickets.

And for you to breed later plz:
Pokemon: Horsea
Nickname: Salo (M) Seanna (F)
Gender: Male or Female
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Swift Swim
Egg Moves: Outrage
Best IVs: Atk, Spd
EV Training: None
Pokerus: Yes

I'm available now - PM me
Sure thing. I can give you two more tickets before you hit the maximum.
#5 in the Queue.

Queue is now full! No more breeding requests until I finish one!
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