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Your Username: Olli97
Your Rival: Blue
Partner Pokemon: Ozzy the Sandshrew and Not-Pidgey the Pidgeot.
Why do you like Rivals?: I feel like rivals are as important characters in the games as the villainous teams for the most part, however there are a few examples I don't quite feel live up to it. It also seems like the whole rival thing has lost its touch over the years from back in the old games of, since the whole rival thing has become more like "YAAAY FRIENDS, ALTHOUGH NOW THAT WE'RE ON AN ADVENTURE, WE SHOULD BE RIVALS TOO", instead of the actual rival feeling that came from the ones like Blue and Silver, and a bit from Wally too, since they didn't actually know each other prior to the adventure. The best example of the perfect rival would probably be Blue, as he's pretty much what defines a rival, and while I think Silver was a great other rival, he and the protagonist didn't really share much of a bond in any way.

But yeah, they are of course an essential part of your journey, and are very meaningful characters, and a main series game without a rival just wouldn't really feel right.

Why did you choose your Pokemon, and why did you choose your Rival?

Eh, as for the Pokemon, I guess some people would find it pretty obvious. It was hard having to choose between which that should be the pre-evolution, but since both of them were finally available, I had to go with what I thought worked out best. I know Alex doesn't like Sandslash quite as much as Sandshrew, so chose him as the prevolution, and then I'll just have to live with Not-Pidgey not being a Pidgey :(

As for why I chose Blue. As I mentioned, Blue is the best example of an actual rival in my opinion, and since he was also the first rival for me, I kinda preferred him over everyone else /bias. However, it was that kinda rivalry, where he would act like a total douche, try out every opportunity he could get to show how much better he was than you (failing for the most part I may add), however you could still see that there was a friendship with them. He wasn't outright violent like Silver was for example, and he did often act more like he was testing how far the protagonist had gotten, rather than how far he himself had gotten, and just trying to beat you like Silver did. I dunno, it may just be me, but I just feel like he was the perfect friend-rival, not like how Cheren and Bianca was, but just in a way that made it seem more like they were actually rivals. Idk, that's just how I see it.
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