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Originally Posted by ShinySearcher01 View Post
For now, that's true. But when Apple kills off iPods, which because of the amount of people who'd buy and iPad or iPhone instead inevitably they will, this'll be the cheapest non-phone option.
Echoing what was already said, Apple will never stop making iPods. No disrespect, but just the thought of them even considering the possibility is ridiculous by itself. At its core it's a small, portable music device that doesn't need to be bought with a contract or service plan a la the iPhone or even the iPad; the latter which is simply a larger version of them both. That aside, iPods are still selling for Apple giving them no reason to even ponder about the idea to stop selling iPods on the market today or anytime in the foreseeable future.

Getting back to the iPad Mini, the first time I heard about it I thought it was a dumb idea. Plain and simple. I love Apple and I love their products, but an iPad Mini is just a fruitless idea trying to stretch out what they already have rather than come up with something new altogether. As far as I'm concerned, Apple already had the iPad Mini in-stock when they started selling their iPod Touch and their iPhones. The iPad was just a larger version of the two and now the iPad Mini just seems meaningless in retrospect.
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