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hellp me someone i am begining to hack i did around 2% of my hacking (2 hours worth) and when i change the # of trainers like add trainers in A-Trainer(to change trainers pokemon stuff etc) or change their pokemon it completley messes up my game. It leaves the pokemons names as blanks or wierd codes so when i play it say a D/hyP or a appered! WTF is it my rom should, i get a new one? or should i use PET instead of A-Trainer to edite trainers but i need to be abble to add new trainers and create them. this has happened twice with me on pokemon EMERALD and i tryed Saphire and the same thing happens it does not mess it up right away but after i save and comeback and change stuff and reload then it puts up weird codes. any advice would be greatley appreciated..