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    Thanks for all the info guys! I stopped competitive battle before Soul Silver came out LOL I had Hypnosis + Focus Punch on Poliwrath back in the day but the accuracy for Hypnosis changed but then I wasn't really sure what to change both moves with so I used Payback and Dive. There are a bunch of pokemon out there better than most of these pokemon but ehh I kinda like UU pokemon. If I ever use Blissey again Ill make sure to change her moveset (I forgot S-Toss is actually good) and give her Staraptor's leftovers Since no pokemon can have the same item. D:

    and omg I am weak against scizor, and everyone uses him LOL Currently Im training a larvesta modest nature

    OH! I love my Rhyperior I use it way more often than my Blissey, Ill try that moveset too!

    AND EJHDJEDHJ I use to have spikes on my Frosslass I don't know why I took it off but I have been thinking about putting it back for awhile and I'll do that now.