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Originally Posted by Reminiscing View Post
Ohhemmgee o: May Filipino Club pala dito so..Hi mga people. I'll join :D

Username: Reminiscing
Location: Bicol...somewhere in Cam. Sur~xD
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^hmm what I think about the government here?
I don't really involve into politics cause they stressed me out xD but seeing many news or commercials about them it makes me think that the Philippines is one corrupt country which is sad D: (well that's always I'm seeing everytime I watch a news) but yeah, now that the election is coming...I just hope they kept those promises they have said in their commercials. I'm not voting though...I didn't register anyway haha
Sorry, but you have to change your Partner Pokemon we already have too much Charizard users in the meantime you can have Charmeleon feel free to post here if you want another Pokemon. Bur, you are still accepted.

Yeah, hope those people running in the elections will keep those promises they said.