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I really dislike Emolga. It's very frail, has terrible, terrible stats and is downright annoying with its Volt Switches and double teams. Plus, it doesn't evolve, which doesn't help its already weak stats. It may be a cute and quite a well-designed pokemon plus it has good typings, but based on my experiences with it, this pokemon doesn't make the cut on my team. For electric-types, I'd rather much use other electric pokemon such as Eelektross or Galvantula which can pretty much sweep more effectively than Emolga (I'm a sweeper-orientated team person).

One of the other factors that contribute to my dislike for Emolga is the fact that it keeps popping out of the shaking grass while I'm Audino-hunting, but this is a different story. My disliking it may be irrational and such, but this is it from me.