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    OK, so i didnt see a thread for this so i thought i'd make my own. The Game needs to be more challenging, so I say if you were the creators of the Pokemon game and you could create any gym what would you do ?

    - Gym leader must be original
    - Any pokemon from all the generations, excluding legends
    - You must specify the name of the leader(s)/Elite Four and the type of pokemon used
    - You must specify their levels of the pokemon.
    - For the Gym leaders you must also create an original badge name, and TM and give a description of what it does.
    - city name is optional.
    - also use a mix of guys and girls

    so heres mine. Also an an asterix besides each pokemon means they use the TM given
    Gym Leaders Range from level 18- 65
    Elie four Range from level 67-93

    Gym 1: Markus Normal/ fighting
    LV Pokemon
    18 Machop*
    20 Bouffalant
    21 Watcho*
    22 Lucario*

    winning badge: Simple badge
    TM given: TM 06 Flash Fist ( a flash of light distracts opponent leaving an opening for for a devestating hit, also lowers opponent's accuracy and evasion)

    Gym Leader 2: Rose Bug/Grass
    LV Pokemon
    25 Grotle*
    27 Butterfree
    29 Scizor*
    30 Serperior*

    Badge given: Leeche badge
    TM Given: TM 16 Rose Leaf( Razer leaf but with green and purple leafs at the same time has a 15% of poisoning opponent. If however used on a type that is weak against Grass types it recovers 2/3 of the damage done to it.

    Gym Leader 3: Alexandra Electirc/ Steel type
    LV Pokemon
    30 Joltion*
    33 Aggron
    34 Electivire*
    35 Skarmory
    36 Magnezone*

    Winning Badge: Circuit Badge
    TM given: Circut Burn: An electrical discharge that causes damage and burns or paralyses the opponent. also sharply lowers the opponent's defense and special defense

    Gym Leader 4: Kevin and Michael Ice and Water type
    LV Pokemon
    37 Beartic*
    34 Lapras*
    36 weavile*
    35 Glaceon*

    LV Pokemon
    37 Samurott*
    34 Gyarados
    37 Milotic*
    40 Wailord

    Winning Badge: Liquid Badge
    TM Given : Frost bite: A critical damage technique that bites an opponent and causes them to gradually lose HP and has a 12.5 % chance of freezing foe.

    Gym Leader 5: Estelle Fire type

    LV Pokemon
    41 Emboar*
    38 Charazard*
    40 Magmotar*
    41 Blaziken*
    44 Infernape*
    winning badge: Volcano Badge
    TM given: Fire Spirit( creates a burning crater that causes 140 damage but has a 25% of confusing the user)

    Gym Leader 6 Nebula Psychic/ Ghost/ Dark
    LV Pokemon
    43 Gengar*
    44 Zoroark*
    46 Metagross
    45 Sableye*

    Winning Badge: Fear Badge
    TM given: Nightmare wave ( works only if opponent is asleep, it causes them to have a nightmare causing them to have night terrors and in the confusion they will hurt themselves with one of their techniques)

    Gym 7 Charlie Ground/ Rock
    49 Nidoking*
    49 Nidoqueen*
    53 Tyranitar*
    55 Bastiodon
    54 Rhyperior*
    58 Garchomp*

    Winning Badge: Split Badge
    Winning TM : Earth Fist ( User digs underground and next turn punches their opponent causing massave damage and inflicting 1/3 of damage as recoil damage.

    Gym 8 Ariel Flying type
    LV Pokemon
    57 Braviary*
    54 Archeops
    55 Honchkrow
    55 Aerodactyl*
    62 Pidgeot*
    65 Salamnce *
    Winning Badge: Wing Badge
    Winning TM: Ariel slash ( user moves in supersonic speed attacking their opponent, if used often it may cause the user to become confused.

    So yeah those are my gym leaders and elite four champion using pokemon from most of the generations. I used pokemon that look cool and strong. I also made up the TM's as well as for the very High Levels I wanted the game to be far more Challenging, I also used different types of pokemon to force people to adopt new strategies. also elite four trainers will be alot harder.

    Elite Four ( Full Battles)
    Juliette Poision type
    LV Pokemon
    67 Nidoqueen
    67 Nidoking
    69 Venusaur
    71 Gengar
    72 Skuntank
    74 Toxicroak

    Magnus Fire type
    LV Pokemon
    73 Infernape
    75 Flarion
    73 Ninetales
    76 Magmotar
    77 Typhlosion
    79 Zangoose

    Victor Dark/Steel type
    LV Pokemon
    78 Lucario
    78 Zoroark
    81 Hydragon
    82 Bronzong
    82 Steelex
    85 Ferrothorn

    Melody Grass
    LV Pokemon
    81 Venasaur
    86 Torterra
    83 Roseade
    86 Trophius
    84 Leafeon
    83 Seravine

    Elite Four Champion: Raphael
    LV Pokemon
    85 Dragonite
    89 Garchomp
    89 Salamance
    87 Gyarados
    90 Hydragon
    93 Metagross

    Thus the Toughest Elite Four in existence is born, Victor having two insanely powerful tank type Pokemon. oh and after you beat them once they all jump to level 100. good luck training your Pokemon