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    Man, where do I even start. I like awhole bunch of Pokemon attack. And I show nuff put'em to good use whenever I battle.

    I like switchout moves like U-Turn and Volt Switch. I like using moves like Tailwind, cuz usually strike first always gives you an advantage. I also like moves such as Spore. Cuz dat 100% sleep induce is always handle.

    Other attacks such as Attract and Thunder Wave comes in handle. Attract, so attacks are much more less to happen. Thunder Wave, cuz da cut of speed. Not to mention, using it with Electro Ball also makes da attack even more deadlier.

    Quiver Dance, Coil, Dragon Dance, Bulk Up and Calm Mind. Any attacks that can buff more than one stat at an time is always choice to me. LOL

    Leech Seed, Toxic and Venoshock, Swords Dance and Nasty Plot...those are few more attack I enjoy to use.

    Here's a few more, right off da back: Surf, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Psychic, Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Shadow Ball
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