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    Originally Posted by SpawnHyuuga View Post
    I don't know how much of a reference it is but some (maybe all) of the Mulches from the Hidden Grottos have this text in their description,

    "A fertilizer to be spread on soft soil in regions where berries are grown."

    If I remember correctly, Hoenn was the first region to let you plant berries, although Johto let you harvest them. I have a feeling either these mulches are tradable or they will reappear in the proposed remakes of Ruby and Sapphire.

    Skyarrow Bridge is also 386 steps long. (This was in B/W, I haven't been on it for my White 2, yet.)
    Mulch originates from Sinnoh, so if you were linking it to a Hoenn based reference, it isn't. Its a Sinnoh reference.

    If you played through Strange House you'll notice that the ghost girl is the one from Marvel Bridge. She makes references to having to move away from her Abra and Nightmares. She is given a charm which was the lunar wing and says something about a place she used to live far away.

    I'm thinking the games link the Ghost girl from Sinnoh and Ghost girl from Unova.
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