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    Thank you for every ones input on the Shiny/Shining Charm! I'm still kind of on the fence about it, but I think I might just complete the Pokédex and then if I ever get the Shining Charm bug I just have to go talk to Cedric Juniper (I think...)

    Anyways, I've just finished the Victory Road, about to take on the Elite 4, and I've finally decided on my first shiny hunt since 2010, and probably the best possible one to get me back into shiny hunting!


    One upon a time, I saw someone hunt and catch a shiny Latias years ago, probably someone in this club actually, and it took them a while if I remember right. Even though I've never been someone who adores legendariess, I loved Latias and fell in love with her shiny forme's gold coloring. But back then the only way for me to get a Latias was on Sapphire, and it would have taken ages being a roaming legend and all, so I just assumed I'd never have one and focused on other things.
    Fast foward to 2012 and I find out you can catch it on White 2, and it's SR-able, so I'm going to get it even if it takes weeks or months! I'll definitely catch it before the Shining Charm, just to make her that much more special :3

    Anyways, good luck everyone else on your hunts, and congratulations GolurkIsDaBomb on your shiny Zubat! Your story scared me 1/10th to death, I always fear finding a shiny when I'm walking with someone doing the whole double wild battle thing!

    Also! For those interested! I've added my shinies and such to my signature! ^w^
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