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    Lol. Pokemon otakus are so picky.

    Yeah... me and "research" don't get along. Most of my "research" is random facts pulled together by abstract logic and glued together with titbits of sci-fi thrown in.

    But as for colour - there's no reason why a third evolution couldn't change colour further. Porygon-Z is a darker colour than the previous two, and Deoxys is quite possibly a product of space radiation.

    Adaptability is Porygon-Z's ability - my bad. But without the effect of the actual move and judging by semantics, adapt means to change to the situation. Then on top of this, porygon has "sharpen" in its movepool, which "reduces porygon count". Reducing the porygon count means that porygon actually can alter its body shape/form.

    I'll admit - theory may have been an overstatement. I'm just tying little bits together.
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