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    History of Porygon kinda writes itself though. It was created by a scientist working for some company (in the anime some weapons company). I don't think they directly say why it was made, only that it was made digitally and was a different type of program that became sentient.

    Porygon 2 was created by altering Porygon's data using the Upgrade item produced by Silph Co. This data made it stronger and more up to date, like updating software in mainframes to have them run more effeciently.

    Dubious Disc was a special upgrade that corroded the data of Porygon, a virus if you will. When used on Porygon its system goes out of control and it becomes the jumbled mess we see in Porygon-Z (Z being a corrupt form of 2)

    Deoxys on the other hand is a sentient space rock parasite thing. It has the ability to release electromagnetic waves which shuts down electronics as well as locates living creatures.

    There really isn't that much that relates them especially since one was created by humans and the other came from space.
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