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    Well, aside from the storyline, cuz every game storyline is similiar. The bad guy tryin' to use the mascot Pokemon on the boxcover to do something to rule or change the world. Except for Red/Blue version, I don't think any legendary Pokemon was involved in that story.

    the game itself have come alone way. the physical/special split thing that happened 4th gen. the introduction of different ways of battling which was first seen in 3rd gen. The special abilities; again first introduced in 3rd gen.

    More attacks, and more Pokemon on every new gen. Now we're able to trade and battle against people who live across da world.

    Even da music gotten better; more or less, on each gen. Not to mention the increase of the graphic on it each game. Just look like how much different Platinum was the D/P and HG/SS blew Platinum outta the water. And those were all same gen games.
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