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Update #3 - Third badge, Rock Tunnel and Lavender Town.

Did a little training on the S.S Anne,
Taught HM01 to Albert. I think he's gonna be a bit of an HM slave.
Beat Surge very easily only using Stoner's Magnitude,
Got HM05, taught it to an HM slave Meowth.
Got through Rock Tunnel and arrived at Lavender Town.

There have been two evolutions within that time lapse.


Stoner, lvl 40.
King, lvl 30.
Albert, lvl 28.

Update #4 -Celadon City: Rocket Hideout and Fourth badge!

So I got to Celadon City. I feel like I should mention that Celadon is probably my favorite City in Kanto(and maybe in general), due to the fact it's the only place where you can get a Houndour in the second gen games :3
PLUS, in the first gen and the remakes you can get an Eevee there.
Awesome city, that is.

First thing I did was going to the Rocket Hideout, of course.
I beat the damn thing and got the Silph. Scope.
Then I was off to beat Erica, which was pretty easy due to the fact Albert knows Aerial Ace.

Now i'll be going back to Lavender town for a little exorcism action ;)


Stoner, lvl 40.
Albert, lvl 38.
King, lvl 31.

Update #5 - B*****s be crazy, yo! Ending to a sad story.

I think i'll let the screenies take over this time. I'm too sad for a decent description of this part :,(

And then I got the PokeFlute.



Stoner, lvl 40
King, lvl 35
Albert, lvl 38(one of the screenshots shows him at level 39, but I had some problems so I had to redo the whole thing. I did a little less fighting the second time.)