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Daniel Williamson / Level 10
Floor 4: Dysthaven

Daniel sat still when the man who was talking to Ranzatsu before came up, calling him an NPC, and tried to open the door. Daniel looked backwards briefly. He thought about telling the man that it was no use, but he honestly found these attempts to be rather amusing. He didn't respond to the man because, as far as the man was concerned, he was an NPC. He felt he could have had more fun with the whole "him being an NPC" concept, but found it more amusing to simply stay silent, especially knowing that his effort would probably be futile. He kept his laughter inside and turned back to looking the way he came, and not long after this would Ranzatsu arrive. He was actually quite afraid of what might happen, despite the fact that he was waiting for him. If he had to, he would have pulled his sword in Ranzatsu, anything to get him outta there.

"You two, whatever you are thinking, I hope it's not to try and confront whatever is behind that door. It is beyond our capabilities individually, and even as a group; to enter would be suicide," he said. At this, Daniel's tension loosened, his breath became slower, and a rain of relief came over him. This kid was the last person he expected to not want to go in, though he also didn't seem like the gung-ho type. With this, Daniel returned his sword to its sheathe and returned to his feet.

"I'm glad that you think so, too," Daniel said. "I was worried that we might have a slaughter on our hands." Still, Daniel wasn't going to move until he was sure that Jet and Ranzatsu were leaving.
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