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The boy left after Rose have her apologies, he felt sympathy for her, and she was sure that would be all she would get. She turned to go back to Fester when a man sprinted by with Fester behind, the boy went as well "Heeyyy wait up!" She had no speed skill so she was last to join the trio. Fester was trying to open the door, trying every method imaginable, "Fester what is behind this door?"

Fester rn up to her and gave her a hug, ignoring the other two and yelling rather loud, "The NPC over there has made the door glow! There is no boss on this level but I am sure that there is something valuable.I believed you had perished!" He did look genuinely worried to Rose but maybe that was just the insanity.

"No, no I'm fine, who are they?"

"I think they are adventurer NPCs, they too wish to say what lies behind the door but the young man does not believe that we can!" Fester pointed to each person he was talking about.

"I'm sure you could! Why don't you tell them you can?"

"Great idea Rose!" He turned turned toward the two players and walked heroically while speaking, "Fear not fellow adventurers I am the player and hero of this game, thus if I die I will simply respawn!" He swelled in his chest, "If you can open the door me and Rose shall take point. Also have I introduced you to my quest follower Rose? She is a tad weak but is full of helpful advice and she has given me a quest to take her to floor 100 and win the game, then I may go back to floor one and resume my playing!" Rose looked down in embarrassment, he had told the players everything without knowing who they are.
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